In a small town, in a small house with a window where there is always a light on, there lives a girl called Selina. Selina isn’t afraid of the cold, or the kindergarten, or mice, or feathers, or frogs who croak in the bushes under her window in the summer. She isn’t even afraid of the storm, or the wind screaming against her window, or water, or rain. She isn’t afraid of the dinosaur from the picture book, or the TV her dad sometimes shouts at, or her mum when she puts on a lot of make-up. The only thing that brave Selina fears is the dark.

Author Ivana Šojat, illustrations by Andrea Petrlik.

HARDBACK, 32 pp, 180x214 mm full color illustrations

Rights sold: China


Educational picture book

Bruno the Bear, Zoe the Owl, Frank the Cat, Whitey the Polar Bear, Pingo the Penguin, Fido the Dog, Rose the Rabbit, and Squeaky the Mouse will teach you about some shapes, such as the triangle, crescent, star, rectangle, square, rhombus, heart, and circle.

Written by Kašmir Huseinović, illustrated by award-winning Andrea Petrlik, full color illustrations.

The picture book is designed for 160 x 160 mm, 12 pp board book or 220 x 220 mm, 20 pp hardcover book.

Rights sold: China