when i grow up, i'll be a child

What will you be when you grow up I’m asked everywhere I go Here is what I tell them Just to let them know I can be a sailor on the sea, a firefighter, or a hunter in a tree I can be a vet that helps animals big and small, a blacksmith, a baker, a worker constructing buildings tall I can be a teacher too and maybe hold a spelling Bee There is nothing I can’t do My whole life is in front of me I can be a singer Or a famous artist I can be a doctor, a hairdresser, or a scientist... I can be a cake maker, and make beautiful cakes by the ton I can write poems that matter to everyone I can pilot a rocket ship Or be a train engineer, But to be a child is the best That much is clear 71 A child knows what is important A child puts dreams above A child’s heart beats strongest A child’s heart is filled with love Children can do whatever they want With their imaginations running wild My decision therefore is When I grow up, I’ll be a child

Author Marijana Nola, illustrations by Andrea Petrlik.

HARDBACK, 32 pp, 210x235 mm full color illustrations

Rights sold: Slovenia