Once there lived, Or there lives a boy, Or there will one day live a boy. Whenever or wherever. This boy was very interesting and amazingly curious. The boy had deep eyes. He was fun, playful, intelligent, peculiar, unusual... One could say he was like no other, or like all other kids. A story about a boy who wondered how people or animals become members of their family.

Author Kasmir Huseinovic, illustrator award-winning Andrea Petrlik

HARDBACK, 52 pp, 165x230 mm, full color illustrations,

Rights sold: Slovenia


A cheerful picture book about a common or a bit uncommon family. The characters in the book are a five year old boy who only plays all the time, his sister who has trouble waking up for school and thinks up fevers and headaches so that she could sleep a bit longer in the morning. But she cannot fool her dad, who is a school doctor. Their mum is an actress who often forgets she is cooking while practicing her roles, and serves pizza instead of a burnt meal. There is also the grandfather who used to be a ship captain, and the grandmother who tells bed time stories every evening. And Sunday? Sunday is the most beautiful day, mum does not practice her roles, but prepares the best lunch in the world.

Author award-winning illustrator Andrea Petrlik, Croatian candidate for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2017 and 2018 and Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018.

Rights sold: Slovenia

HARDBACK, 28 pp, 200x240 mm full color illustrations

The White Ravens list 2006 The annual White Ravens list of noteworthy books is compiled by language specialists at the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany